Lavender Rose Mate Latte

Yerba mate is one of my favourite teas because it has the ability to be both incredibly fresh and deeply earthy and warming at the same time. With such a unique smoky flavour I never really felt the urge to blend the mate with anything else. It just didn’t seem necessary. And the idea of adding milk... well that seemed totally bizarre.

But, in order to remain open minded, I decided I had better give the mate latte a try before totally damning it.  And, as is often the case with things I’ve preemptively decided to dislike, I was proved wrong. The mate latte came through very nicely indeed. The nuttiness of the cashew milk complimented the smoky earthy mate beautifully. And the floral top notes matched up with the freshness of the tea.

So while I am still a beliver that the sacred Yerba Mate needs no accompaniments to make it great, occasionally it’s nice to mix things up and add something soothing and milky to our tea rituals. Have an experiment and see what you think.

(serves 1)

1 tbsp loose leaf Yerba Mate
1 tsp dried Rose Petals
1/2 tsp dried Lavender Buds
1/2 cup Cashew Milk

- Steep the tea and dried flowers in half a cup of pre-boiled water for 5 mins.
- Strain the tea into a pan and mix with the cashew milk.
- Whisk together over a low heat until the tea is hot.
- Serve and enjoy!