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Welcome to my journal.
This is a soft space. A quiet space. A space of introspection. Of delving within and honouring the deepest parts of ourselves and the natural world.

Water colour by Kawai Gyokudo

Within every individual lies potential and capacity beyond our imagination. Each one of us is exploring our intricate relationships with the physical and the natural. The spiritual. Philosophy, mythology. Religion and ceremony. Our patterns of belief and relationship with the Self structures our lives and how we experience them. This journal is an invitation to radical self-inquiry. The shedding of harmful thought patterns, and the exploration of the enigma of the human spirit. We hold, within ourselves, the power to heal. To renegotiate, regenerate, and transform. We contain the forces necessary for psychological, social, and spiritual awakening and evolution. Our journey now is to re-sensitise ourselves. To reignite our innate capabilities. A remembrance of the welded unity of body and mind. The underpinning of Traditional Healing across the world. 

These are writings from the heart and therefore no two will follow any exact structure. Rather they will flow freely through the areas that are calling for attention. Insights from daily life, poetry, sacred wisdom, plant medicine, meditation practices, seasonal shifts and lessons from nature. All these and more will be shared in these journals on a monthly basis, as a means of exploration and acknowledgment of the shifts, alignments, discords, and general fluctuations of the year. So often we allow the pace of modern life to sweep us through the year with little time to stop and reflect on the nature of our environment and how that may be effecting our internal balance. These journal entries aim to serve as a navigation system, to help us to remain present, but also to make the most of each season, harnessing its powers and manifesting the gifts it has to offer.

We are all on a journey. And on these journeys we encounter new lessons and challenges frequently. We receive inspiration in so many guises, and our teachers may wear often unfamiliar masks. Allowing ourselves the time to process, and to weave together these threads of experience that make up life, is integral to progress forward in grace and acceptance. To grow in our role as The Wise One. And to become situated within our spiritual practice with a sense of ease and innate authenticity. 

I created this space to share the things that inspire me, scare me, teach me, and humble me. My hope is that you feel called to do the same.
With reverence. 

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