Food Philosophy

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

~ Michael Pollan
Food is a big deal for me. It’s one of the pivotal reasons I do the things I do and live the way I live. To prepare and offer food is a sincere means of expressing love. Of nurturing. How and what we eat is the largest component of our overall wellbeing. The way in which we engage with our food and the edible relationships we form are responsible for a large amount of the disease we incur or the remedies we cure ourselves with. Sadly, one of the negative side effects of modern ‘progress’ is that our relationship with food is being distanced further and further until we become total strangers to the products we see on the shelves. For most people, seasonal eating has become a thing of the past as our food is sourced from further and further away. When I made a commitment to grow my own food it was in a bid to take back control over what I was consuming. To know exactly what was on my plate – free from any chemical intervention. It may be hard work but I consider it a huge luxury to have the ability to produce food from home and this gratitude does not escape me. Whilst I am well aware that not everyone is able to produce or source organic foods, I think it is important that people are educated about food and how it is processed and makes its way to the supermarket shelves. This way we are all in a position to make informed decisions about our health. Because food is medicine. It forms the building blocks of our organs, not only with nutrients but as a source of prana (life force energy), which is responsible for so much of our physical and mental health. I could wax lyrical about prana and the importance of fresh foods for hours and hours but I won’t – or not right now anyway. What I will endeavor to do however, is to share my ideas about how to eat as healthily as possible. Eating seasonally and using ayurvedic principles to take into account the qualities of the season and how to keep our entire systems in harmonious balance to promote optimal health. I follow a pure vegetarian diet – meaning I avoid consuming meat, fish, and eggs. However, this diet is far from restrictive. Food should be exciting. We should have fun with our food. Below are some of my favourites for you to play with/try/adapt however suits you. Enjoy.

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