Winter Solstice 

A prayer in the dark.
The calling in of the light.
A celebration in the stillness of the winter months.
Poetry of gratitude for the things that crossed our path,
and those things we parted way with.
Welcoming the unknown
and making our peace with it.
Sitting in limbo,
and finding freedom in this bare landscape.
Seeking our personal expressions of artistry.
Acknowledging the full spectrum of emotions that bombard us during this busy season.
Not becoming overwhelmed by the excess,
but seeking out what is truly important
and that which no longer serves.
Creating space
and then sinking deeply into it.
This is a night of great personal healing.
A night to release,
and manifest.
A celebration of the light that promises to return.
A commitment to show up,
to greet the sun
as it comes to rise on our days.

Tonight let us build our altars - physically or metaphorically.
Creating a sacred space, free from clutter or unbeneficial energy.
Clearing space at the time of the full moon
allows for the reenergising of your home or surroundings.
Calling in those people, objects, or situations that you are grateful for.
And recognising the areas where you find resistance.
The people or things that don’t sit so comfortably with you.
That you don’t want to draw into your healing space.
Honour that feeling within the emotional and physical body.
Thank your intuition for endeavouring to keep you safe.
Then make your peace.
Realise that these areas of discomfort
associated with a certain person or situation
is really a space of growth.
A reflection of an area that is calling for your attention.
Whatever way brings you a sense of peace, clarity and resolution,
perhaps through music, dance, yoga, journalling, smudging, prayer.
Or a combination of many practices.
Allow yourself to feel, and to release.
To come into a space of pure loving acceptance.
To a space of realisation that you are where you are supposed to be.
You are inately powerful.

I like to collect together objects of the season.
Momentos of meaning or deep resonance.
Sometimes this is many objects.
Sometimes just a few.
Take some time in silence to sit in your sacred space.
To create your altar.
Handling all of your objects.
Smelling the insence.
Experiencing the flicker of the candle flame.
A period of meditation and introspection.
Do not think about the patterns or shapes you are making
but move from intuition.
Then look over the offering you have created
with great humility,
and revel in the intricate beauty of what you have brought to ceremony.
Perhaps now is a good time to journal, to drum, to sit with tea.
Move how feels most easeful.
You can sit for as long or as little as you like.

When you blow out your candles at the end of ceremony tonight,
take a deep breath in the darkness.
And smile.
Hold this space with you as you move through the next lunar cycle.
As you move through the festive season.
Be still my soul.
Be True.
Be Bright.
Be Soft.