Winter Meditations...

And so we arrive in Winter.
The season of introspection and deep personal work
brings us shorter days and longer nights.  
There is something wholly sacred about the coming months.
The saturation of our potential as we process what has come
and what is yet to come.
As we sit in stillness
to climb to the heights of our intuative being.
The natural world is winding down and going to ground.
As the leaves surrender themselves unto the earth
and the animals retreat to their store houses
and the sun gives way to the cloak of darkness.

So we enter our season of Nidra.
The active sleep.
The prolonged meditation  
calling us to step into our spiritual nature more than ever.  
To summon the most sensitive parts of our being
and harness them as the tools we need to connect to our highest Truth.
Our means of communion with the Divine.
Our conversations with God.

Winter is represented by the colour White.
The season of purity.
Of devotion.
Of deep reverence and ceremony.
Enveloped in the robes of the sacred
we should use the winter as our time to deepen our spiritual practice.
To fall ever deeper in love with Bhakti.
To fully surrender ourselves to the path.

Winter is presided over by vāta dosha.
As ether and air dominate the make up of our environment and body
we should seek the gravity of Earth to stabilise
whilst rejoicing in vāta’s compatibility to divine communion.
Celebrating the ethereal quality of Winter’s elemental make up
and it’s call to look deep within
we must make a commitment to show up
to practice,
to serve,
with profound humility and gratitude.

Winter is the great sleep for material nature
and therefore gives us the space
to experience an awakening into the sacred realms.
Give yourself permission to go there
in prayer
in song
in heart
nurturing your divine seeds of wisdom
ready to sow in the Spring.
And be amazed at your capacity
be amazed
be full.