January 1st 

This New Year marks our entry into a new decade, and the completion of my first quarter century.
The past year has spurred a huge shift in consciousness and outlook on life. I’ve acquired some new skills, been confronted by some weaknesses. We have eaten ourselves sick on some crops while others totally flopped... But most importantly I have learnt how to live. I may not have mastered it but I have a much clearer vision of what contentment and fulfillment mean to me. Through experimentation, soul searching, and a lot of desperate prayers, I have come to a degree of clarity surrounding the areas of my life that need to be prioritised in the coming year. 

The longer we spend here, cultivating our homestead, welcoming guests, or relishing the permeating peace of the hill tops and valley troughs, the more I fall in love with our home. The more pressing feels the responsibility of maintainng our little slice of the landscape, and all that it entails.

Through our various “sharing” platforms I hope, throughout the coming year, to share in our journey towards food sufficiency - lessons both practical and philosophical in nature. I aim to write more about the beliefs and practices we so revere, and the magical landscape we are blessed to inhabit. As custodians of the land, we have been gifted with great opportunity, and numerous challenges. We endeavour to build our lives here with sensitivity and humility, learning each day what it means to be human and look on with awe as the smallest acts of kindness ripple out into the wider world. 

I wish you all a very happy and fruitful New Year and look forward to all that is to come in the following months on our growing farm!