Immunity Elixir

The Immunity Elixir is hot, spicy, and packed full of vitamin C. It’s ideal for those moments of low energy, of stuffy noses and foggy heads.

Seasonal shifts always hit me hard, particularly the summer to autumn cross over. It’s around this time that I find myself requiring a little extra self-care and nourishing goodies. This is an ideal drink for those times when you feel the early signs of cold or a bug coming your way. It is equally good for those times when you are in the midst of a fully blown sickness.

I also like to use this elixir to support healthy travel - if I’m travelling on a plane or any long haul adventure, boosting the immunity before departure and upon arrival is always a good idea.

The spices will serve you through their ability to unblock the most stubborn of blocked noses, alleviate pressure in the head, and support healthy functioning and detoxification of the bodily systems. The turmeric works it’s antiinflammatory magic, whilst the vitamin C content gives the immune system that extra boost.


(makes 2 mugs)

2 large Carrots
1/2 cup freshly squeezed Orange Juice
1 inch fresh Ginger
1 Lemon
1/2 tsp Cayenne
1 inch fresh Tumeric (or 1tsp Tumeric Powder)
Black Pepper

- Juice the carrots, oranges, ginger, lemon, and tumeric (if in root form)
- Mix in the cayenne (and tumeric if in powder form) along with a pinch of crushed black pepper.
- Pour half of the mixture into a mug and fill the rest of the mug with boiling water. Stir in honey to taste.