Currant and Berry Granita

This dessert is based on a River Cottage recipe. When I found the fruit cage overflowing with currants and raspberries I was desperate for a solution that would be delicious, quick, and easy. This recipe is all of those things! And what is best of all is that there is absolutely no precision necessary for the successful outcome of this dessert. The ratio of berries is entirely changable. Nor does it matter if you don’t have one particular type of berry. Just make up for it in weight with the others.
This is an ideal light summertime dessert. Maximum impact with minimal effort.

(makes approx 500ml)

200g raspberries
200g redcurrants
100g blackcurrants
4 tbsp elderflower cordial
100g icing sugar

- Place the berries and currants into a food processor (or just get out a potato masher) and blitz (or mash) into a rough puree
- Rub the mixture through a seive to remove the pips and skins
- Add the elderflower and begin to seive in the ice sugar, whisking out any lumps until it is dissolved into the liquid.
- Pour the mixture into a large and relatively shallow container. It is best to have the liquid thinly distributed (no more that 5cm in depth) to encourage quick freezing.
- Place the mixture into a freezer and leave intul rock solid.
- Remove the granita about 15mins before you serve to allow it to soften a little. Option to serve with cream.