Roasted Brown Rice Japanese Bowl Tea



Organic Brown Rice Green Tea (sencha/matcha/gunpowder) - Optional


- Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees (c) - Spread a thin layer of rice over a baking sheet - make sure the grains are evenly distributed
- Place the rice into the oven for 4 minutes
- When you remove the tray, toss the rice  - it should be nicely bronzed and fragrent - some of the grains may have popped (almost like popcorn), this is fine
- If you feel the grains aren’t quite toasted enough you can replace them in the oven for an additional minute - but be warned! They burn in a heart beat.
- To prepare the tea you require approx 1tbs (flat not heaped) of roasted rice per mug/bowl. I usually prepare mine in a small pot that contains about 3 servings.
- There is the option to mix the rice with green tea for a fresh, envigorating blend. However the rice alone is a delicious de-caffinated brew.
_ Once roasted this rice will retain its flavour for a while so you can roast up as much as you feelyou might drink in a week (a lot...) or you can make fresh everyday (it’s so quick!)

Health Benefits...

I like this tea purely for its deliciousness, but health benefits are always an added bonus and raise the virtue stakes. The high fibre content within the tea is very supportive to the digestive system and boosts the metabolism. It is great for controlling blood sugar levels and decreasing bad cholesterol in the body. A natural diuretic, this tea is very supportive to liver and kidneys, therefore aiding in detoxification. Brown rice is also an excellent source of antioxidents, attacking free-radicals in the body, which is great for so many reasons but superficially, it is a source of a radient skin glow. Like most teas, this tea is excellent for reducing strss levels - particularly if drunk from a bowl almost as a meditation practice. And please do not underestimate the importance of stress reduction - it is absolutely essential for hormone balance, the general well functioning of all of our bodily systems, and our physcial and emotional wellbeing.