Sweet Citrus Shrub

Shrubs are a beautiful and wholesome way of preserving fruits and creating a powerful healing elixir. A “shrub” is a potent fruit syrup that has been macerated and fermented in vinegar. It is an age old recipe that stores well over long periods and leaves little waste - everything is incorporated: flesh, juice, and peel.
Shrubs can be made from a wide range of fruits, with the option to combine aromatic herbs for medicinal bonus points.

Sweet citrus (oranges, tangerines, clementines, grapefruit etc.) are excellent for making shrubs due to the perfumed essential oils in the peel, and the immunity boost they offer once fermented.

Health Benefits
- full of supportive digestive enzymes
- rich source of probiotics
- packed with antioxidents
- boosts the immune system

How to use it 
- As medicine: you can take a spoonful of undiluted shrub to kick start the immune response if you feel a cold coming on. It can also be diluted into hot water to make a delicious, yet medicinal, tea.
- As a healthy and refreshing mocktail: pour 2 tablespoons of shrub over sparkling water.

(makes approx 500ml)

10 clementines (or equivalent amount of any sweet citrus)
1 cup raw cane sugar or turbinado sugar
1 cup apple cider vinegar*

Optional herb additions:
Feel free to experiment and add any herbs that you think would compliment your shrub or cater to any specific healing needs you are seeking. I like to use:
- 1 large sprig of rosemary (in summer time)

- 4 whole cloves (in winter time)

*(always get vinegar “with mother” for live probiotics to feed the gut)

- Juice the fruits, keeping aside 1 cup of fresh juice. (This recipe only calls for 1 cup of juice so you can use the surplus as you like)
- Place the citrus peels (and herbs/spices) if you are using) into a large bowl and pour over the sugar. Using a pestle, bash the sugar into the peels to encourage the oils to release.
- Set the peels aside to macerate in the sugar for anywhere between 2 - 12hours (I like to occasionally give them another bash with the pestle if as I’m walking past). They should start to soften and release their oils
- Spoon the peel and sugar mixture into a sealable jar. Pour in the juice and the vinegar. Tightly fasten the lid and shake the mixture vigorously to encourage the sugar to dissolve.
- Refridgerate for a week to allow the flavours to marry together then enjoy!