Apricot Chickpea Tagine with Greens and Couscous

If you are looking for something hearty, filling, moreish, and guilt-free, then look no further! I like foods with texture, and lots of different flavour pockets to surprise you, whilst simultaneously being quick, easy, and scrummy. It’s a tall order but this apricot chickpea tagine passes with flying colours. 


(serves 2)

For the Tagine:
1 Yellow Onion, finely chopped 
1 tbsp Coconut Oil
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Cumin powder
1 tsp Paprika
1/2 tbsp Cayenne  
1 tbsp Tomato Purée
1 tin Chopped Tomatoes
1 tin Chickpeas
1 medium Preserved Lemon, finely diced 
1/2 cup chopped Dried Apricots
3 cups of roughly chopped Greens (kale, spinach, chard - whatever you’ve got)

For the Couscous:
1 cup Couscous
1 1/2 cups Vegetable Stock

To Serve:
Natural Yoghurt
Fresh Corriander

- Place a large pot over a medium/low heat and soften the onion in the coconut oil with a pinch of salt.
- Once the onion is translucent and soft, mix in the spices and  continue to sautée for 2 more minutes.
- Strain the chickpeas and add to the pot, stirring until they are coated with the spices. Then add the tomato sauce and tomato purée. Mix well and bring to a boil.
- Add the roughly chopped apricots and preserved lemon. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10min - if the mixture starts to look dry, add a little water.
- Meanwhile, put the couscous into a bowl and pour over the hot vegetable stock. Cover and leave to sit for 5mins.
- After 5mins carefully fluff up with couscous usng a fork and set aside.
- Remove the chickpea stew from the heat and add the roughly chopped greens. Place a lid on top and leave for 2 mins to wilt the greens.
- Stir through and serve up, adding a dollop of yoghurt and a sprinkle of fresh corriander to the top of the dish.